Linux Configuration Notes

1 Networking

1.1 l2tp over IPsec

workaround to make the VPN work on Ubuntu 19.04, using network-manager-l2tp 1.2.10-1

$ sudo apt install network-manager-l2tp network-manager-strongswan strongswan-libcharon strongswan-nm
$ sudo service xl2tpd stop
$ sudo update-rc.d xl2tpd disable

2 Peripherals

2.1 Printer

  • Network Printer


3 Video

3.1 GPU

Choose the model from the NVIDIA drivers page and choose Linux as the OS. On the next page, at the top the version of the driver will appear (i.e 435). Then you can go ahead and install the drivers.

$ sudo apt install nvidia-drivers-440 libnvidia-cfgi-440 libnvidia-cfgi-440-server xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-440 xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-440-server
$ sudo rm -v /etc/X11/xorg.conf*
$ sudo nvidia-xconfig

3.2 Brightness

  1. [X] Check the backlight directory: ls /sys/class/backlight. Must have intelbacklight.
  2. [X] To get the Identifier, run xrandr –verbose. Mine happened to be 0x42.
  3. [X]

    Check /etx/X11/xorg.conf and make the following adjustments

    Section "Device"
        Identifier     "0x42"
        Option         "Backlight" "intel_backligth"
        #Identifier     "Device0"
        Driver         "nvidia"
        VendorName     "NVIDIA Corporation"
  4. [X] I then reboot. It should work from there.

Credit to Stack Overflow answer

4 Storage

4.1 WebDav Setup

5 Suckless

5.1 DWM

5.1.1 Patches

spawn new windows aside, not in the main pane
add gaps duh
layouts per tag

5.1.2 TODO autostart stuff with systemd

5.1.3 Making the window manager selectable within the session manager

5.1.4 Dependencies

sudo apt install libxft-dev libxcb-xinerama0 libxinerama-dev

5.1.5 Applying patches

6 Flatpak

6.1 xdg-open not enabled by default

The .desktop file already has the "zoommtg" protocol association in the shape of MimeType=x-scheme-handler/zoommtg; so there is no need to run xdg-settings set default-url-scheme-handler zoommtg us.zoom.Zoom.desktop

$ export PATH=$PATH:/var/lib/flatpak/exports/share/applications
$ exec zsh
$ xdg-desktop-menu install us.zoom.Zoom.desktop --novendor
$ xdg-settings check default-url-scheme-handler zoommtg us.zoom.Zoom.desktop
> yes

Author: Leandro Bravo

Created: 2020-09-01 Tue 20:20